Monday, March 19, 2007


This is a great time of the year - the weather is changing for the better, on Easter Sunday many people will get together with family and friends to have a big meal and relax, and it is a great memory for me because it was 11 years ago that my wife Hollie started showing interest in me! (she wanted me for a while, but it was Easter that she finally started being honest about it - haha!!!)

Easter is THE time of the year that gives great attention to the "church". Many people will be attending Easter services all over during this holiday weekend. This is a great opportunity for the "church" to be ready for company and to have their "A" game put together.

But just a quick question: Why don't we have that "A" game ready for company every single week? Maybe that's why many people only come on that one day?? Or maybe a more compelling statement is that we are the "church" - and people are attending "church" every day if they are around us - and maybe that's why they only come that one day.

Either way, are we ready for company more than once a year? Are we ready for company more than once a week?

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