Monday, April 30, 2007

Community...the Bible...God...People

At Vinings Lake, we are going through the series "The View" - yesterday we dealt with the issue of our view of man - ourselves - mankind. Who are we really? Are we good/bad?

We must look at ourselves from the perspective of our creator - God. When we see this we are forced to realize one thing - that the View of Man - IS the message of the Gospel - the Good News - that even though we walked away from this relationship that God created - God has made a way back to Himself!

Last night in our Community Group, we had a great discussion and study in the Bible as we talked and discovered some awesome truths that God says about man - and ultimately - God's relationship to man - us!

We looked at Romans - chapters 1,2,3 - to see the state of man - all men - no matter how "good" "bad" or "religious" we are (or think we are) - and then in chapter 5 the amazing grace of God - and then how we should live/not live based on that grace in chapter 6. And then an incredible truth takes place in Romans 8:1!

God has a lot to say - we just need to listen to Him.

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