Friday, July 6, 2007

Wimbledon, Tennis, SERVE

I am being somewhat "reunited" with tennis. I played one year in high school and have picked it up now and again since then. I have played quite a bit recently and I am enjoying the excercise and of course - the competition once again.

I have watched a little bit of Wimbledon and I am amazed at how these men and women play the game. While playing tennis and watching it, I am aware at one part of the game that is VERY important - the SERVE.

In tennis, the SERVE is one of the most difficult yet most important components of the game - so is with the Life of a Christ Follower - and to follow Christ is to SERVE.

This Sunday, I am planning to bring a one week message on the subject, SERVE. God's Word clearly challenges us with not just listening and absorbing God's word, but living it out with our lives - and a great way to do that is to SERVE.

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