Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Listen, Filter, Follow God

*Just a thought:
People - good people - will come with all kinds of advice, thoughts, direction, desires, and even truth.  People in our church, other leaders, good friends, etc.  

First of all, it is SO important to RECEIVE information and help and advice, etc.  On this note, Brian turned me onto a GREAT blog yesterday by Craig Groschel's entitled "Signs of Immaturity" - WOW did I need to hear that!  We must realize that we don't and aren't even supposed to "know it all" - that's why we need each other.

And keep in mind.....
  • If you love and take to heart what EVERYONE has to say - be careful, we can't be everyone or do what everyone wants us to do.
  • If you are only listening to a select few (especially if they are alike or just like you) - be careful, there are other types of people in this world - that God uses.
  • If you don't listen to anyone - be VERY careful - we are not meant to make it alone!
And after listening....
  • Filter it through - the background, personality, journey, opinion, heart motive, and end result - of what is being said.
  • Filter it through - WHO God has created and called you to be - you are not anyone else but you! 
At the end of the day....
*Take what people say - LISTEN - FILTER it - and at the end of the day - FOLLOW GOD.

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