Monday, February 4, 2008

Leading people is helping people

I had a little talk with Addie this morning.....regarding some things that revolve around her behavior with others at school and church.  She has a natural bent toward leading people around her - or in her way of doing that right now - telling them what to do!  

Now, she doesn't understand the "word" leadership, but she practices what it means - and one of my regular prayers for her is to leverage her leadership - because she CAN be a great leader, and it will make a difference in the future.  The issue I talked to her about today is to use it to HELP people.  I told her that a good leader is one that helps people.

It is interesting how you can learn something from what you teach your children.  As I thought about what I said, it impacted me - that leading people is all about helping people.  It is not about being "out front" or "telling people what to do" - it is not about using your "position" for yourself, it is truly about helping people.  

Sure, I have heard this principle from great leaders before - yet, I learned it again today through this simple "daddy to child" conversation.  

It is nothing new or original, but a great refreshing reminder to me - that Leading people is helping people.

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