Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Grateful and Never Satisfied

In the context of Vinings Lake, there is a "balance" that I try to continually walk - between being grateful and yet never being satisfied. I want to be grateful in where God has brought us so far and even in a short amount of time - lives have been and are in the process of being changed (me included, thank God for His process of growth), we have seen many people come, connect, and commit to grow in a relationship with God.

Yet, it almost "haunts" me to never be satisfied - to realize our potential.........NO, God's potential - and the stewardship that has been given to us in our community of Atlanta, where in a 5 mile radius there are about 158,955 people and in a 10 mile radius there are around 600,000 people! We shouldn't be foolish and we shouldn't be lazy, we must be faithful and we must be effective.

It is God's power and His calling - and at the same time, in John 17 Jesus tells us that He has given His disciples the same glory that the Father gave Him; in Philippians 2:15 Paul writes to this church to be stars that shine in the universe, in Matthew 5:16 Jesus tells us to not hide but let our light shine so that others will see our good works and be drawn to God, in John 15 Jesus tells us that He is the vine and we are the branch, and in Matthew 28:19-20 Jesus tells us that all authority has been given to Him and He commissions us (and reminds us that He will be with us always) - so God's power and calling - is the same power and calling we can go forward with.

With that in mind, I must be Grateful for where He has brought me - and just abide in Him - and I must be grateful for where He has brought our new church - yet in light of our opportunity, potential, responsibility, and Commissioner - IT IS UNACCEPTABLE TO EVER BE SATISFIED!

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